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Famous Scientists On The Environment


We’ve written about famed entrepreneurs who do their part for the environment, and now it’s time to look towards the intellectual world for solutions on our planet’s many problems. From climate change, to space travel, to farming, and even the singularity, these brilliant minds share their ideas on how to save us from ourselves. Ray Kurzweil: The famed thinker recently gave an interview with The Futurist, and shared his thoughts on several issues, one of which was the problem of declining fossil fuels. Kurzweil believes that we need to look to nanotechnology for the solution. It’s a low-cost alternative to… read more

Top 5 Must-See Films With An Environmental Message

Poster from the film

Every now and again, we need to be reminded that the earth is still worth saving. Sometimes we need that message to come via a medium we all know and appreciate: the movie theater. Once in a blue moon, a film will come through that we’d hardly consider an “environmental film”, because in all honesty, unless it’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, we probably wouldn’t pay to see it. This is why some filmmakers insert a slightly undertoned message about saving the planet. This list represents those silent voices, and are definitely worth viewing for both the entertainment value, and the message… read more