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The Green Way to Get Around Town

Get Out of your Car

Gas prices are getting higher, roads are more crowded, and we continue to pollute. So, how do we change these things you ask?  It’s simple; drive less and ride more. There are many benefits of using public transportation.  Public transportation is safe for all ages and the public transportation system operates efficiently. Public transportation is safer than personal vehicles, more affordable, convenient and good for the environment.  Being convenient and good for the environment makes this form of transportation a smarter choice. Public transportation offers many advantages that will lead to a better quality of life.  It reduces the number… read more

EnergySaver App Analyzes Household Energy Use, Saves Money


Want some help saving energy (and money) at home? Then you may want to check out the EnergySaver app, which analyzes, tracks, and displays your energy usage, so you can cut out unnecessary and phantom power demands. If you don’t know the details of your electricity, gas, and water use at home, it can be tough to figure out which appliances and activities could be optimized or replaced in order to reduce wasteful consumption, and that’s where this app comes in. EnergySaver helps users to analyze their current and past energy consumption rates, and then estimates future usage, not just… read more