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Space Based Solar Power

Solar power from space

Humans are resting their hope of finding alternative energy generation models on solar and wind power generation. But what if science could find some way to harness the power of the sleepless sun? This is not just a twist in a science fiction novel, as researchers are making good progress towards harnessing space based solar power. It all began when Isaac Asimov wrote of solar power being collected from space and transmitted to the planet with the help of microwaves. This concept was later extended by Peter Glaser in 1968 and he detailed the basic idea of creating a solar satellite which incorporated… read more

Solar Powered Drone Acts as “Atmospheric Satellite”

Solar Powered Drone Acts as "Atmospheric Satellite"

The future of communications and satellite imagery may belong to a new breed of aircraft – solar powered drones that can stay at high altitudes for up to five years at a time. Functions that previously relied on low-orbit satellites could gradually be transitioned to these lower cost “atmospheric satellites” that can fly at altitudes between 60,000 and 70,000 feet above the Earth. Titan Aerospace is currently building a long-endurance solar drone, the Solara 50, which is expected to launch next year, with plans for a bigger version in the works. The Solar 50 features a 50 meter wingspan and… read more