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The Beauty Of Impermanence

The Beauty Of Impermanence

Is it possible to make the beach even more beautiful? For artist Andres Amador, it is. Amador is a sand artist who creates surreal beach murals,¬†also known as playa paintings, which he refers to as earthscape art. Taking advantage of the low tide, Amador rakes the sand into patterns and generates geometrical forms as he engraves intricate designs into the beach shore. He also uses a rope to help make the patterns. The raking reveals the wet sand underneath and creates a notable varied toned presentation in the appearance of the sand. The patterns take over the beachfront and observers… read more

Uncovering Under-Water “Mystery Circles”


In the perilous waters of Amami Oshima, Southern Japan, sea beds lay inscribed with ornate circles of a once mysterious origin. Within these¬†circles intricate sweeps and grooves create shapely mounds of sand that come together and part to constellate geometric works of art that mirror the symbolic art of ancient Celts just as much as they emulate crop circles. The “mystery circles” were first discovered 20 years ago, some 80 ft below the water’s surface. Images of the circles were captured by Yoji Ookata, a deep sea photographer, while diving in the southern tip of Japan’s coast. Having obtained his… read more