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Motorola Is Creating The Future Of Smartphones


Earlier this year, we saw the debut of the ‘Phonebloks‘ concept, and dreamt of a day when such a device might exist. I’m excited to say that through Motorola, this reality may be coming to a store near you next year. It’s called ‘Project Ara‘, and Motorola claims to have been developing the idea for over a year (Ha, please). Anyways, they’ve teamed up with the creators of Phonebloks and will be sending developers a kit in a few months to start working on a beta version of the phone. So what’s the big deal? Essentially, the concept allows for… read more

A Window That Filters Heat And Light


Sometimes, researchers create products we didn’t even know we wanted, and when that moment happens, we think to ourselves, “how have we been living without it?”. This is one of those products. Lab techs at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed a smart window that filters both heat and light into the home, creating a perfect balance of temperature and sun exposure during the warm seasons (summer, I’m looking at you). Homeowners can choose to filter out heat, filter out light, or filter out both (don’t you just love having options?). Take your hand off the thermostat, because your window’s… read more

Eco-Friendly Washers

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Water is becoming a rare and valued commodity these days, especially in underdeveloped nations and countries with overpopulation problems. Solutions have been to ration water intake in places such as Australia, places in South Africa, cities in the U.S., etc. One of the main water-guzzlers is the washing machine. We typically wash 3-5 loads of laundry each week, which adds up over time. And up until recently, there hasn’t been a clear (or affordable) alternative to the traditional washing machine. According to the Energy Star website, to be considered an eco-friendly washer, the machine must use “20% less energy, and… read more