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Small Scale Rooftop Gardens

Small Scale Rooftop Gardens

If you like the idea of a sky garden but don’t necessarily have the space, use what you do have to implement a smaller scale version. To get the benefits of a rooftop design, adhere to applicable building codes and pick a sturdy structure that can hold the weight of a garden. Rooftop gardens can help with rainwater runoff and preliminary research has discovered that water excess is decreased by over half in a roof or structure with a garden incorporated. Also, they can naturally help the indoor temperature remain stable by providing a substantial insulating layer. Good.net shows the… read more

Keep Cool By Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool By Being Cool

When summer comes the warmer temperatures mean electricity bills shoot up as everyone turns on their air conditioners, cooling ducts, and other heat reducing equipment. This year make sure you tap into the newest & trendiest way to keep cool by installing a rooftop or terrace garden. The rooftop garden actually came about because many houses which were cramped up in the city had no way to access any natural light and greenery. The closest they could come to nature was the vista of trees & bushes from their windows. But the beauty and advantages of these artificial gardens forced the villa owners… read more

The Need for Urban Farms


Currently, half the world’s population lives in cities and by 2030 the number of urban dwellers is expected to reach 70 percent of the entire population. Because of the constant population growth, in total cities will swell up to well over 9 billion. Meanwhile there is an ever persistent need to feed this growing population. This can pose problems in dense areas of limited space. As we come closer to realizing this reality, urban farming becomes more than experiment in sustainability and will soon be a necessity if we wish to have a balanced flow of the consumption and production… read more

Urban Bee Keeping

Urban bee keeping

The Opera House in Paris has kept bees for quite some time. The Boston Sea Port Hotel houses hundreds of thousands of bees on its rooftop which help pollinate hundreds of local gardens. Urban bee keeping is a necessity and can help with lower cost of a healthier diet with rooftop gardens. The issue with urban bee keeping is the fear that bees can be a nuisance. Bees actually help to pollinate and in turn create honey. This helps the environment especially in urban cities where metal rooftops grace the open skies. Rather than ugly rooftops we can replace them… read more