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Cool Roofing Designs Save Energy

Cool Roofing Designs Save Energy

As temperatures begin to rise, many assess what can be done to reduce energy costs. In looking for potential sources of energy waste, the rooftop may often be a forgotten about structure. As long as roofs are leak free and stable, sometimes not much more thought may be put into them. There are, however, modifications that can be made to roofs to make them more energy efficient. Darker roofing can clearly attract more heat, thus reducing energy savings. Cool roof designs use roofing materials that reflect light, therefore lessening heat absorption. A lighter colored covering or a white roof can… read more

Green Roofs to Cool Cities

Green roofs in city

An oft-forgot aspect of rising temperatures is the additional increase in temperature in urban areas, known as the urban heat island effect. Essentially, concrete and pavement absorb heat and make the city hotter than the surrounding areas. Additionally, buildings absorb heat during the day, and release it at night. Of course, this heat absorption happens everywhere—it is simple science. However, the sheer amount of concrete and pavement covering the land and quantity of buildings in cities are what drive the temperatures up, inducing the heat island effect. Climate change is not the culprit for the increase in city temperature, though…. read more

Green Roofs of Norway

Green roofs of Norway

Time and again we see pictures surfacing on the web of these adorable green roof topped house with a mesmerizing scenery that are located in Norway. It is probably true that many people just assume it is some type of green technology, pin it, and move on with their day.  This is actually not a modern invention.  Norwegians have been planting greenery atop their roofs for hundreds of years.  During the time of Vikings or the Middle Ages, majority of the houses had sod roofs.  This allowed for more warmth in the home rather than some of the modern materials… read more