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Robots and Us

Robots And Us

The integration of robotic assistants into modern society has progressed much slower than perhaps Isaac Asimov or Stanley Kubrick had imagined. And yet, in many ways, we have evolved far beyond the original assessments of robotic usefulness. When Asimov penned I, Robot, he envisioned a world in which robots become self-aware and attempt the extermination of their human creators. Fortunately, that scenario is highly unlikely, if not downright ludicrous. While it’s true that some researchers are attempting to create robots with evolved brain capabilities, scientists have all but counted out the possibility of a robotic uprising anytime in the future…. read more

Remote Control Inspection Robots Can Climb Wind Turbine Towers


A new type of wind turbine inspection device is capable of climbing straight up the side of the turbine’s tower and along the blades, enabling technicians to examine the equipment without leaving the ground. One decidedly unexciting aspect of wind power is the need for regular inspections and maintenance of installed wind turbines, and because most inspections require a human technician to use a rigging system to ascend and descend the towers, coming up with innovative ways to reduce the risk and increase the effectiveness of inspections could be a key component in the growth and success of wind power…. read more

A Swarm of Robots Could Repair Coral Reefs


A swarm of autonomous intelligent robots, or coralbots, could be put to work repairing and restoring coral reefs in areas that have been damaged by weather, human negligence, or destructive fishing practices. Coral reefs are an incredibly important part of the ocean ecosystem, providing food and shelter for many organisms under the sea, as well as providing a living for hundreds of millions of people around the world. When coral reefs are damaged, they can be given a headstart in restoration by the transplantation of healthy pieces of coral, but because human divers are limited in terms of the depth… read more