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Creating eco-friendly robots

Image by Kristian Bjornard

When one thinks of an autonomous robot, one does not usually envision it being created out of paper, plastic, PVC, even cardboard. Yet, a few researchers are trying to change the way we think about robotics, and argue that its future is dependent on creating clean, eco-friendly machines. The image of the giant robot from the 1951 film ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ rings in my mind to this day. It was a mammoth machine, with power and capabilities way ahead of ours, even to this day. It’s not a practical design by today’s standards, and certainly won’t be… read more

Five Technologies We’ll See In The Next 10 Years


Step aside, solar power and 3D-printing — there are a few technologies who want a say in what the future might look like. Many researchers don’t expect 3D-printing to reach its full potential for the next 15 – 20 years, but we’ve started making major progress on how we manufacture things, and solar power has been around for decades. So what are the “next big things” you haven’t heard of yet? Here are five amazing technologies that’ll soon become as common as smartphones: 1. 4D-Printing It’s not 2D…it’s not even 3D…it’s the ultra amazing, super cool 4D! You’re probably thinking… read more

No Programming or Wiring is Necessary to Build These Robots

No Programming or Wiring is Necessary to Build These Robots

To succeed in our tech-heavy future, the kids of today need to be learning the skills that will be in use and in demand for years to come, and much of those will fall under the umbrellas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Teaching children to code and to build new and useful electronics devices may give them a big leg up in their education, as well as give humanity some leverage for building a more sustainable world tomorrow. The age of robots is already upon us, but for the most part, robotics is something used in factories, or… read more

Robotic Muscle Thousand Times Stronger Than Humans


Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have invented a robotic “muscle” that’s 1,000 times stronger than human muscle. It’s an incredible creation, and could allow the muscle to lift and throw an object 50 times its weight and five times its length. Here’s a short video demoing the muscle: If the muscle performs as expected, it could be used in everything from robots to human prosthetic limbs, as well as exo-skeleton machines for the military. Individuals with damaged muscles would finally be able to function normally again, and those born without limbs and/or individuals who’ve… read more

Build This Renewable Energies Solar Kit


Solar power is a hot topic these days, considering the burgeoning success of eco-friendly companies such as SolarCity, Tesla, and others. Why not take some time out of your day to learn a bit more about the process behind making energy from sunlight? Check it: You can build 6 different experiments with this kit, and it’s not just for kids! From a walking robot, to a wind turbine, this kit will help you explore several areas of solar power you might not otherwise get a chance to learn about. You might even be inspired to look into solar power for… read more

Five Reasons We Actually Need Personal Drones


In just over a year, an estimated 7,500 drones will fly over U.S. airspace, all of them regulated by the FAA. Currently, an estimated 10,000 hobby drones occupy the skies, although by law they’re not allowed to fly above a 400 ft ceiling, nor can they collect video and data for commercial use (although I trust that last part about as much as I trust that the FBI isn’t watching me write this via webcam right now. Whoops). Still, despite the controversial future for drones, there’s still room for them to take up special places in our hearts. We actually… read more

Robotic Vehicles Are Future Of Supply Chain


When you think about it, the notion that human drivers will be replaced by computers makes perfect sense. In the evolution of technology, it’s simply the next logical step. Computers are efficient, cost-effective, don’t require any vacation time or sick leave, and are less prone to human error. By the year 2050, the trucker occupation will be filled with self-driving automatons, save for the few hardliners who’ve watched Terminator one too many times. Taking the human element out of the equation frees up lots of space and allows for more experimentation with alternative fuels, i.e. solar power and electric. In… read more

ZA Architects’s Plans to Colonize Mars


ZA Architects is comprised of design duo Dmitriy Zhuykov and Arina Ageeva. Their work has never been short of intriguing, and often merges innovative ideas with elements of design. With changes in the latter catering to the former, never the other way around. Some of the more prolific projects, such as their “Heart of the District” hotel lobby, have helped to garner considerable recognition. They grabbed 1st place in the international Marriott Blank Canvas competition in 2011, and ranked 2nd in 2012’s Degree & Profession – Virtual Expo, which took place in Florence, Italy. While the pair has covered interactive… read more

Robotic Oil Spill Cleaner

Robot Prototypes

Could tiny robots be our nation’s future go-to cleaning solution for massive oil spills? The University of Colorado Boulder seems to think so. In fact, they’ve created a lab specifically designed for building tiny swarms of robotic balls that work together to clean up oil. The lab consists of 20 ping-pong ball sized robots, which the students refer to as “droplets”. The droplets work together to create a “liquid that thinks”. It’s quite incredible to consider a future where robots think autonomously to solve problems, but that’s exactly what UCB Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll imagines will one day become reality…. read more

Robots Set To Innovate The Agriculture Industry


Robots have become intertwined with just about every facet of living nowadays, even though they’ve yet to become the advanced A.I. units depicted in films such as iRobot and Terminator. In another step forward for the robotic industry, several new sets of robots were created in Silicon Valley specifically to handle farming tasks. This will undoubtedly provide farmers more time to care for their livestock, distribute their crops, and more. A new ‘Lettuce Bot’ is able to “thin” a field of lettuce in the same timeframe as 20 field workers would take. A strawberry harvesting robot, with 24 arms and… read more