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Creating eco-friendly robots

Image by Kristian Bjornard

When one thinks of an autonomous robot, one does not usually envision it being created out of paper, plastic, PVC, even cardboard. Yet, a few researchers are trying to change the way we think about robotics, and argue that its future is dependent on creating clean, eco-friendly machines. The image of the giant robot from the 1951 film ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ rings in my mind to this day. It was a mammoth machine, with power and capabilities way ahead of ours, even to this day. It’s not a practical design by today’s standards, and certainly won’t be… read more

Robotic healthcare has arrived

iRobot's healthcare assistance robot

In 2009, the household robot manufacturer iRobot Corp. announced their newest department, iRobot Healthcare. Since then they have remained silent about their developments. Then in 2012 they publicly debuted an amazing teleprescence robot in collaboration with inTouch Health. The robot, christened the iRobot RP-Vita, stands at a height of 5’4″, and has two touch-screen monitors built-in. The Vita works as a remote-controlled robot, and functions using wheels and remote sensors to navigate hallways and avoid obstacles. Rather than directing the robot’s movements using a joystick or similar controller, operators simpy click on the robot’s pre-programmed destinations. iRobot is currently being rented out… read more

Home Heating by a Robot

Warm Up Robot

Heating our homes in winter consumes vast amounts of energy and costs households a great deal. But imagine if there were a robot that could store heat and then moved around the house to warm cold areas? Drum roll please for…..Hagent, the mobile heater robot. This small robot shaped like a black box is amde up of movable wheels, sensors and Phase change materials (PCM). PCM  absorb heat from a hot body and change their phase (from solid to liquid or vice versa) and then release the heat by again changing their phase. Designed by Andreas Meinhardt and Daniel Abendrith… read more

This Robot Is A Solar Powered Police Officer

This Robot Is A Solar Powered Police Officer

Directing traffic is an occasional part of an officer’s duty, and those who guide vehicles and pedestrians on a regular basis know how frustrating and downright dangerous it can be. Located in Kinshasa, Congo, there is a new line of police officers that are demanding people to stop and take notice. In order to tend to busy traffic routes and decrease financial costs in the African region, an innovative group at the Kinshasa Higher Institute of Applied Techniques has developed a robot that can perform like a traffic officer. The robot can observe traffic flow and works as a stoplight,… read more

Germ-Zapping Robot Keeps Hospitals Safe

Keeping hospitals safe

Since its introduction, Mark Stibich’s disinfecting robot  has been earning comparisons to R2-D2, to which it vaguely resembles. But that wouldn’t be doing the wheel-clad bot justice. These robots, which are appropriately given names like “Violet” and “Ray”, keep hospitals safe from microscopic minions by smiting them with ultra-violet rays. Robots are operated  with the use of a remote. Upon command, UV light,  which is created as electricity is run through xenon gas, flashes for 5 to 10 minutes as the robot rotates it’s “head” to scan the room. The robots can effectively wipe out hospital-acquired infections, the leading cause… read more

Could A Robot Jellyfish Save the Ocean?

Robot jellyfish from Virginia Tech

The robot revolution began a decade ago with ‘Asimo’ by Honda. Now, bolder and bolder robots have debuted from likely sources (DARPA, Air Force, etc), and unlikely ones (Kickstarter, MIT, etc). A new aquatic ‘bot from Virginia Tech may one day be used to keep our oceans safe. Nicknamed ‘Cyro’, this five-foot, seven-inches jellyfish robot is a machine to behold. It’s extremely lifelike in its functions and programming, and from a distance could fool even the most veteran of marine researchers. And that’s the main idea. Cyro will one day patrol for illegal dumping, pollution, and spills off our nation’s… read more

Robot Vacuum Concept is Powered by Dirt

Limbo cleaning robot concept

Sometime in the future, we may be able to let robot vacuum cleaners loose in our houses, and they can not only clean the floors, but power themselves by the dirt they suck up. A concept device from designer Elliot Cohen, called Limbo, is free of power cords and heavy batteries, and its unique design enables it to crawl up and down stairs and over other objects. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, cleaning products company Casabella presented the design for Limbo at the 2013 International Housewares Show 2013 in Chicago, and while it’s not a working prototype, the concept itself… read more

Robots In School

Remote Controlled Robot

Devon Carrow is a typical second-grade student. He plays his video games at home, enjoys spending time with his cat, and tells funny jokes with his friends. He’s even the class greeter in the morning when students arrive to school. What separates him from the other kids, however, is that he does all of this from the comfort of his bed. Devon has eosinophilic esophagitis and anaphylactic shock syndrome. Both of these can prove fatal if combined with an assortment of daily items. Devon isn’t permitted to attend school, nor is he able to live a normal life. That doesn’t… read more