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How To Hold A Green Tag Sale

Green Tag Sale

When what has been accumulated over the years is no longer needed, consider having a tag sale. Cleaning up living and work spaces lends to less clutter and more organization, and offering still usable items at inexpensive prices is a great way to reuse. Yard sales are popular when the weather begins to warm up and though they can initially be some work to set up, they are helpful for getting rid of stuff and passing it on for use elsewhere. Attention to a few details can help in hosting a green tag sale. Instead of commercial paper advertisements which… read more

Interesting Eco Art Fashion

Interesting Eco Art Fashion

Katell Gélébart is an eco designer who creates eye-catching fashions from cast off materials and garbage. An award winning artist and environmentalist, she uses recycling as a medium for her designs, making a mark in the fashion world without creating excess waste or using industrialized processes. Noting the sheer carelessness of things that are made only to be discarded, like food packaging, she has formed and sewed them into wearable art like trenchcoats, jackets, dresses and sturdy, neat looking carry-alls. Along with thrown out packaging, she repurposes items like rags, old clothing, towels, and even items like parachutes and inner… read more

Creative Reuse Centers

Creative Reuse Center

Reuse centers and warehouses accept donations and gather items that are still in usable condition, then offer them at economical prices for resale. Many are non-profit organizations that are available to the public for shopping, although some are only open to specialty customers, such as schools, construction industries or other particular businesses. In order to keep perfectly good items from local landfills, reuse supply centers generally operate by collecting and then offering materials at affordable prices, thus providing the community with needed, reasonably priced products. The inventory is continuously changing as new merchandise and contributions are received, but some available items… read more

Reading for The Future

Reading for the Future

Nothing can replace the smell and feel of an old fashioned book. However, embracing the digital page has its benefits, especially for tech-savvy children. While it is important that they know how to navigate an index or read a table of contents and locate a real page, an enormous amount of knowledge can be gained via online media. In a world where disposable is more often the norm, it’s reassuring to know that the advantage of acquiring knowledge, whether it be on page or on screen, is something that can’t be thrown away. Children who read are introduced to other cultures,… read more

Is it Better to Reuse or Recycle?

Reuse vs Recycle

Despite the assumed similarity inspired by their names, there are many distinctions between the act of  reusing a material to that of it being recycled. Both acts can be distinguished by their definition as well as the inherit impacts resulting from each one. For starters, reuse can be viewed simply as using an item on multiple occasions, rather than disposing of it prematurely after a single use. Reuse can also include employing a material for multiple purposes. Recycling, on the other hand, involves the melting down and re-manufacturing of a material. This requires significantly less energy than manufacturing virgin materials;… read more

DIY Recycled Flooring

Recycled Floor Redo

Redoing flooring can be expensive work and available materials can be costly or not so environmentally friendly. Upscaling a floor with natural or recycled items can give your interior a green facelift. The following do-it-yourself flooring projects provide motivation to spruce up a boring surface. The Phoenix Commotion showcases several creative do it yourself project inspirations and tips, including imaginative recycled floor applications. For example, Papier-Mâché floors can be created in endless designs with a continual supply of paper materials to incorporate. The featured floors used grocery sacks, labels and even sheet music to decorate surfaces. Also, if you happen… read more

Uses for Yogurt Cups

Uses for Yogurt Containers

If you are constantly tossing yogurt containers into the recycling bin, check out the following suggestions for reusing them. After the contents are gone, the clever ideas below are just the beginning of what you can do with yogurt cups. Yogurt cups tend to be fairly durable and most with lids are stackable. They can also be written on with permanent marker for an easy label. Plastic containers like these can be used around the house to hold numerous little things like paperclips, staples and other office supplies. Put them to use in the garage or storage cabinets to hold… read more

Reusable Household Items

Reusable household items

Reusability is always popular among penny-pinchers, but it’s also a great way to turn your old things into new and exciting creations. Some of the things you have laying about might not seem that innovative, but with proper instruction and patience, even the smallest objects can become versatile examples of reusability. Here are a few ideas: Recycling Old Shirts Into Grocery Bags Sure, we can always pay $1.50 at the grocery story and purchase a recycled bag to carry on shopping trips, but then you’d be wasting perfectly good construction material. If you follow the steps in this Youtube DIY… read more

Reusing Glass Containers

Recycling glass

Glass is a substance that does not break down. Reports state that it takes at least 1 million years for it to begin to decompose, while others say it is closer to an undetermined number. Most glass is 100% recyclable, and recycling companies will usually accept different colors of glasses. What cannot be turned into new glass products can be often be repurposed into other functional materials. Also, the amount of energy that is spared from recycling only one glass bottle could run a computer for around 30 minutes (Earth911). With pre-packaging all around, we may forget that we can… read more

Handmade Wreaths

Handmade wreaths

Store bought wreaths can be expensive, and if they are living ones they may not last as long as their price tag dent does in your budget. Assembling your own is a way to have an original wreath that will be both fun to make and look at. Wreaths actually date back thousands of years and can be found in various cultures. They come in many sizes, from smaller loops that were once worn on top of the head as honorable adornments to larger sizes used for decoration and to represent unity or hold special significance. Though the wreath’s looks… read more