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Dressing Your Gifts

Wrapping paper

As the holidays approach, many will be in a rush to get presents picked out and dressed up. All too often, this includes spending extra money on wrapping paper, plastic bows, and other disposable adornments. Rather than going that familiar route, ditch the wrapping paper altogether. Instead, wrap your presents using unique alternatives that will make your gift all the more memorable. Try donning your gift in the following: An Old Map – it could be an ordinary road map or an antique map. Maybe it is a map of a region your recipient is fond of. For example, use a map of Ireland if your loved one… read more

Green Christmas Decor

Green Christmas decor

Christmas decorations can have many negative environmental impacts. Producing decorations and their packaging uses non-renewable resources and creates pollution. In addition, shipping materials to factories and finished products to stores (and driving them home from stores) contributes to global warming. However, it is easy to switch to more eco-friendly Christmas décor by following the three environmental principles: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce There are a number of ways to reduce both the amount of material used in decorating and its environmental impacts. Use natural decorations, such as a bough cut from a tree, a bowl of pinecones, dried flowers, strings… read more

Reuse Food Scraps

By SleepyNeko

Say for instance you love to cook with fresh ingredients at home but with this extravagant meal you have plenty of food scraps left over. You do not have a garden because you live in the city and are unable to compost your food. What do you do? Simple! Below are a few examples on how you can reduce and reuse your food scraps without composting. Stocks and Broths: Stocks and broths can be made using left over vegetable scraps and meat bones. Boiling these for a few hours can reduce what goes into the trash and the stock can… read more

Our Disposable Society

Old wooden toys

If you were to hop in a time machine and go back about a hundred years, it would be quite obvious that the changes most parts of the world have undergone are not only in extreme contrast to the past (rhyme shamelessly intended), but accelerating at an ever increasing rate. Western civilization has gone, it seems, from steam engines to electricity in a hundred years. Reusing the wooden toys our parents played with, to fifty cent squirt guns (that break as soon as we open the package). And this begs a question. Why? Why is the average plastic, primary-colored toy used… read more

Disposing of E-Waste

Disposing of e-waste

The advancement of digital technologies has increased the amount of the e-waste that we have started generating. The prime reason for this is the continuous advancements that keep moving in the digital sector which makes the previously manufactured products obsolete. These obsolete products are then either scrapped for dump sites, or are sent to developing countries, where they are used for a little more time and then scrapped until a newer technology further arrives. The e-waste generated by us comprises of both toxic as well as non toxic materials. While products like processors, PCBs, silicon chips etc are non toxic… read more

Reuse Halloween Decor

Reusable Halloween decorations

The time of year is here that we go spooky with witches, goblins, gravestones, and goo! Do not make mother earth boo you. Here are a few simple decorations you can reuse year to year. Gravestones:  Instead of those styrofoam stones you can find at every store try using wood. One large sheet of wood can make about four gravestones. Use wood fence stakes by drilling them to the back to insert your stones into the ground. Paint the stones with silver paint and black for writing. Every year they get more worn adding to the creepy effect. Caution Tape:… read more

Thermo Electric Uses

power from car tailpipe

We put lot of sweat and engineering to produce energy which runs our lives, but as much as two thirds of this energy gets dissipated as waste, particularly in the form of heat. Recent reports show that a new material can bridge the gap between energy produced and wastage through heat. An international team of researchers has developed a new material which generates charges from the temperature variations across its two ends. These thermo electric materials, when commercialised, will find their place in a variety of applications. Let’s take a simple example. A car drinks a lot of energy to… read more

Buy School Supplies Wisely

Buying school supplies wisely

It’s August. That means the inevitable billboards and commercials of companies advertising their wares as many people return to (or begin) a new school year. Whether a university student or a kindergarten pupil, there will likely be a cost to buying shiny new supplies to prepare for the call of academia. So how can we reduce both the cost on the earth and our bank balances? There are three things to consider, the trinity of the eco-world, ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’. First of all, reduce. Do you really need all 8 binders and the deluxe 42 pack of pencils? Try… read more

Reuse Bulk Packaging

Recycle household containers

Constantly we express to people to recycle cans, plastic, cardboard, paper and even our fast food drink cups. Instead of recycling these materials why not make use of them in our homes. Bulk packaging is a major source for reusable containers. Do you shop at Costco, Sam’s Club or Price Club? Many of the containers you buy with the products in them are perfect for pantry storage. Besides, who does not like saving money on storage containers. There is probably 101 ways to organize your pantry with reusable bulk materials but these are a few of our favorites. Large popcorn… read more

Recycling E-Waste

Recycling household items

How many technological devices in the past year have you thrown out or replaced? I personally have counted three so far. So times that by the number of people in the world and you come up with a large pile of “E-Crap”. Sitting there as landfill and not going anywhere soon. Luckily, there are a number of companies around the world that have jumped on the band-wagon of recycling and who see these now useless products as an opportunity. An opportunity to turn them into something else useful, giving the products another life and another use. Yes, even a lifeless… read more