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This Creepy “Singing Tree” Is Amazing


In England, they’re doing re-usability right. Sitting on the top of Crown Point in Lancashire, this “tree” made of tubes creates music on windy days. It’s a terrific example of science, ecology, and art coming together in unison. Each side of the pipe faces a different corner of the Earth, so it’s constantly making sound, provided there’s actually wind. Check out the semi-creepy/beautiful video below. This is the type of project you could also create yourself, with enough time and tubes lying around.

DIY Fashion T-Shirts


Do you have any blank t-shirts (or sweatshirts for that matter) that you’re thinking of getting rid of? Or maybe you’d just like to insert some spontaneity and randomness into your life? This video will help you achieve both those goals. Fashion t-shirts are all the rage this year (actually every year, if we’re being honest), which means some companies feel the need to jack their prices up. Rather than waste money on those shirts, you can both save money and reuse your old shirts by creating designs by yourself.

DIY Shirts To Skirts


Are you looking for a new use for that old sweater you’ve got lying around? Would that tie dye shirt look better around your waist than your shoulders? This video will likely blow your mind, and open up your world to a whole new realm of possibilities.   Donating your unused clothing to charity is great and all, but if you can get a few more uses out of it, then why not? This project is simple, fun, and gives a whole new meaning to the word “reusability”. The best part? Zero sewing is required. Have a thought? Share it… read more