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Repair and Reuse

Repair and reuse

Are you tired of breaking things and purchasing new replacements? Do you wish you had the skills to fix the item yourself? Do you live by the motto “Waste not, want not?” If so, then this article is perfect for you. Nobody likes shelling out money unnecessarily, especially if an easy solution lies within reach. Perhaps you didn’t think it was so simple to mend your sweater zipper, or unshrink your brand new t-shirt. Maybe your computer is so full of trash and garbage that you’d rather just wipe the thing and buy a new operating system. We’re here to… read more

Eco Friendly Design

Eco Friendly

Eco Design is an approach that incorporates an awareness for the environment, that it is sustainable and ecologically friendly. Many businesses today are adopting a “green” approach and feel they have an increased responsibility to find better solutions for the future of our Earth. For eco-design to be effective, a life-cycle approach must be adopted. That is, thinking about and adapting the best outcomes for the environment with as little negative effects as possible over the products life. Designers are responsible for the beginning stages of a product and it is here that they can really shape what impact it… read more