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New Battery Could Enable Cheaper Energy Storage

New Battery Could Enable Cheaper Energy Storage

A new type of rechargeable flow battery engineered by MIT researchers, which doesn’t require costly membranes in order to store and generate electricity, may prove to be a key component in developing cost-effective large scale energy storage. The lack of affordable and efficient methods for storing both solar and wind energy during peak generation times, in order to later release it during periods of high demand, has often been touted as one of the stumbling blocks to further renewable energy penetration. But if the new rechargeable flow battery developed at MIT can be further refined and scaled up, it could… read more

Researchers Double Efficiency of See-Through Solar Film


A new breakthrough for a novel solar film from researchers at UCLA could be a big step toward see-through solar cells for building and vehicle windows, smartphone screens, and other surfaces. The researchers have developed a two-layer solar film composed of thin polymer solar cells, and the newest iteration of the film is said to hit double the efficiency as the last version. The new film allows for harvesting of energy from a wider range of the solar spectrum, while also reducing energy loss between the two cells by the use of a layer of proprietary material. “Using two solar… read more