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Kinetic Energy + Rocking Chairs = Smart Seating

Kinetic Energy From Rocking Chairs Equals Smart Seating

Kinetic energy may be difficult to harvest on a large scale basis, and can be unreliable. However, in places where there is a constant barrage of motion it can be useful. Take for example, swings or rocking chairs. The way that rockers are designed are ideal for harnessing energy produced from motion and utilizing it. A clever idea for creating power from movement surfaced in a swing design a few years back. Ryan Klinger designed a glider style seat called Empower that captures energy from the rocking motion. Coming out a 2nd place winner among designs at the Greener Gadgets… read more

Google Commits to 10 Years of Wind Power for Finnish Data Center

Wind farm

In another move toward renewable energy in its operations, Google is going to use the electricity produced from a planned 72MW wind farm in Sweden to power its data center in Finland for the next ten years. A project to develop the new wind farm, consisting of 3MW turbines, at a site in northern Sweden has just met with planning approval, and thanks to Google’s recent agreement to buy the entire output of the farm for the next 10 years, has secured all the financing necessary for construction. The wind farm is being developed by O2, and will be owned… read more

Changsha’s Vertical City


The Broad Sustainable Building company is taking vertical living to a new level with the construction of a skyscraper that will encapsulate an entire city. The 220-storied highrise, called Sky City, is scheduled to begin construction next month in Changsha, which is the capital of the Hunan providence in China. At the time of writing, Sky City is to be the world’s tallest building, rising 10 meters above Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, at 838 meters high. The project is also significantly cheaper, costing 17 times less than Burj Khalifa, despite an estimated 90 day-long construction period. The speedy assemblage can attributed… read more

Scotland to Build World’s Largest Wave Farm


A project that will culminate in the world’s largest wave farm, ultimately delivering 40MW of clean energy, has received approval from Scottish Ministers and will deployed off the coast of Scotland. The project, using Aquamarine Power’s “Oyster” technology, will deploy 40 to 50 of the near-shore wave energy harvesting machines in the ocean off of the northwest coast of Lewis over the next few years. “Aquamarine Power’s Oyster wave power technology captures energy in nearshore waves and converts it into clean sustainable electricity. Essentially Oyster is a wave-powered pump which pushes high pressure water to drive an onshore hydro-electric turbine…. read more

It’s Boiling Under The Sun

It's boiling under the sun

Basic physics states that steam cannot exist without a boiling liquid. An innovative and possibly revolutionary new method of utilizing solar power follows that law. The problem with steam power is the inefficiency and waste associated with the initial boil of a liquid. Traditional methods of boiling liquid are dependent on convection, a process involving both conduction (heat diffusion) and advection (heat transfer by bulk fluid flow) whereby heat is introduced to the material. Slowly the temperature of the liquid increases from the heat application area to the other areas of the liquid. This is the method stove-top heating elements use,… read more

Australia Launches Clean Energy Map

clean energy map

Australians who are curious about clean and renewable energy in their country now have an easy way to investigate the projects currently in place there, thanks to a new clean energy map. The Clean Energy Map, from the Australian government, covers over 1200 projects that cover renewable energy, energy efficiency and pollution-reduction across 16 different government initiatives. The interactive map categorizes the projects by type, and allows users to search the full map or use GPS (or their postcode) to find projects near them. “The Clean Energy Map features outcomes from measures such as the Renewable Energy Target, but also… read more

The Bionic Knee – Powering More Than You Think


Bionic Power, a technology company in British Columbia, has developed a knee brace that allows you to possess energy-generating powers. It comes in the form of a biochemical energy harvester, called the PowerWalk. Whilst walking, whenever you brake, and your knees buckle, you have the potential for generative braking. The PowerWalk knee brace has the ability to capture this motion, allowing you harvest the energy generated from the bending and locking of your knees whenever you wear it. Each PowerWalk knee brace weighs 1.7 pounds, and  generates around 12 watts of energy at the average walking speed. Kept steadily, you… read more

Easy Ways to Green up Your Workspace

Easy Ways to Green Up Your Workspace

Beyond unplugging office equipment when you are not using it, thinking of ways to increase the green factor in your work area can conserve resources and energy. Lighting is an important part of the workspace. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that lighting accounts for around 20-50% of all electricity use. Incorporating solar powered lighting into your working or reading area is a great idea. Instead of conventional lighting, adding solar lamps, which gather power during the day then work like regular lamps at night, is an uncomplicated way to enhance environmental friendliness at your desk. Making use… read more

Making Air Con Efficient

Making Air Con Efficient

Air conditioning is one of the greatest users of electricity during summer months. Luckily, innovations are being made to create efficient alternatives. One alternative is Ice Energy. Found in the Ice Bear system, ice energy doesn’t replace air conditioning, but is integrated into an existing AC system to create a hybrid that is energy efficient. Ice Bear attaches to existing rooftop air conditioning system and uses the existing airflow, so it is easy to install. It is best suited for commercial building and comes in Ice-ready rooftop units. But how does it work? Ice Bear is essentially a thermal tank… read more

World’s Largest Solar Power Development Breaks Ground


Construction has started on what’s being billed as the world’s largest solar power development, the 579 MW Antelope Valley Solar Projects, located in California. The development, from MidAmerican Solar and SunPower Corp., is actually two projects, in both Kern and Los Angeles counties, and is expected to take about three years to complete. During construction, the projects will employ about 650 people and be responsible for about $500 million (USD) worth of economic impact in the region. The site covers over 3200 acres, and will feature SunPower’s Oasis Power Plant technology, a modular system that is designed for rapid installation… read more