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Manhole Covers Will Soon Charge Your Car


New York, the city where literally everything cool, fascinating, and/or groundbreaking happens (Hollywood told me, so it must be true), has gone ahead and stepped up their reputation as innovators by installing new eco-friendly technology for electric vehicles. The innovation in question is high-tech manhole covers that wirelessly charge your car while it sits parked above them. The pilot program for this technology is slated to begin in New York next year. Depending on its success and dependability, it could see a major rollout, possibly even nationwide. HEVO, a New York city startup company, came up with the idea and is… read more

Chill Your Drinks With This ‘Reverse Microwave’


Oh, happy day! Someone has FINALLY created the ultimate cooler: a “reverse microwave” of sorts that can chill your drinks in roughly 45 seconds. We’ll definitely be seeing this at tailgating parties, house raves, video game marathons, and pretty much anywhere drinks are served. Sure, you may be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t that called a fridge?” No, my friend, this invention is much more magical. The gadget can cool wine, beer, and fizzy drinks without losing any carbonation. Colour us astounded. Are you a “pics or it didn’t happen” type of person? Check it: Sure, the larger version probably won’t… read more

Kid Powered Renewable Energy

Kid Powered Renewable Energy

Empower Playgrounds Inc., or EPI, has an inventive solution to a problem that affects too many children in rural and undeveloped areas. Not having access to electricity and reliable lighting that is necessary for daily tasks provides an enormous challenge that many of us can’t even begin to understand. Lack of electricity can certainly make daily life a struggle, but imagine children who often have to work, study and perform other tasks without any access to lighting after dark. Unsafe lights, like kerosene lamps, are considered a luxury item for many families, even though they pose a great health and… read more

How Smart Is Your Home?

Energy efficient home

Renewable energy methods are becoming more accessible for home use. These can be used to power up electrical needs, and although an upfront investment they can allow liberation from high electricity bills and save money over time. There are several smart energy options that can be installed and used alone or in combination with already existing electrical supplies. The summaries below provide a brief overview of how smart energy systems can reduce consumption. Solar power can be an economical and dependable choice. Panels can be added to increase power and placed with virtually no obstructions to surrounding landscapes. Wind power… read more

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

Inspired by German design and responsive architecture, lumenHAUSE is an award winning student project by Virginia Tech University. This completely sustainable solar space makes use of luminous light. This creates an efficient use of natural sunlight, but also incorporates research which shows that lighting can impact mood. Check out the documentary: It is a fully autonomous home, able to produce all of its own energy and remaining in a state of ideal efficiency by way of its own management system. It actually keeps track of the sun and is an optimal solar layout. It includes incandescent insulation panels and radiant… read more

UK’s Giant Wind Farm

Giant Wind Farm

The world’s largest offshore wind farm in operation will be the London Array. When finished, it will power over 770,000 homes with its 1.2GW power output. Swedish utility Vattenfall and ScottishPower have combined resources and jointly submitted plans for East Angolia Offshore Wind. The recent UK Energy Bill seems to have won a victory here with the EAOW, showing that the future of renewable energy is within reach. The government’s clean energy support will go into full effect in 2018, which is also when the EAOW’s first electricity will be produced. Andy Paine, the EAOW’s program leader, said, “This is the… read more

Marine Litter Extractor Could Clean Ocean in 5 Year’s Time


Lead by 19-year-old Boyan Slat, the Ocean Cleanup Array is a project designed to tackle oceanic waste by capturing plastic from marine garbage patches, known as gyres. About 1/3 of all ocean surface is covered in plastic waste. Boyan Slat, a student, photographer, and diver, proposed the Ocean Cleanup Array as a means in which this pollution could be extracted, with the possibility of recycling the collected materials for future use in the creation of high-quality items. This could potentially cover the costs of the array’s implementation. A proper cleansing of the ocean in its entirety is currently unattainable, however,… read more

Doomsday – Hoax Or Here?


The Doomsday Conspiracy flooded the internet for more than four years leading up to its supposedly deadline. The date for the end of the world was set as 21/12/2012 and was such a virulent conspiracy it even sparked a movie being made about it. Around the world people held their breath and waited anxiously. But it all passed just like any other day. So is the Doomsday Conspiracy dead in the water? As there is no actual date for the origin of the Earth, then it is unlikely to have a final date. It is clear that Earth was not created in… read more

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

These 4 Office Pods Put Function To Work

According to the 2010 U.S. census report, 10% of employed Americans work at least 1 day per week from home, and the numbers of those who work solely from home has climbed from 4.8% in 1997 to 6.6% in 2010. Having a productive space is important whether at home or at the office. These 4 work pods with ecofriendly features may leave some dreaming of a quiet, accommodating place to complete tasks. The G-Pod is a workspace with a futuristic look. In addition to its interesting external appearance, it is also made with efficiency in mind. It can be rotated by… read more

Shipping Containers Provide Shelter to Animals


The Getto2Garden initiative is a project based in Santo Domingo, in partnership with the Colectivo Revark architectural group and the Practivistas Dominicana Program. Originally designed to provide housing to 40 dogs and 6 cats, the project up-cycles materials like shipping containers, old tires, and plastic tanks, turning them into shelter space for animals. The space manifests as colorful, cube-shaped units, which are stacked above and alongside each other. Each unit is roomy enough to provide its animal tenants with adequate space for play, sleep, and relaxation. The multilevel shelter is placed on a partially-fenced elevation, which will undoubtedly help to… read more