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Falling Leaves – On A House?

Falling Leaves – On A House?

Just in time for autumn and its theatrics of splendid, color concentrated falling leaves, a remodel of an outdoor space has an added element of surprise. Located in Mayfair, London, this residential space has received a unique exterior makeover. Covered in 1000’s of  replicas of glimmering leaves, this renovation is an exquisite example of creative design. The front of the home faces the street and sits amidst other structures that are also part of the house. The home and its locality are interesting also. Portions of the existing house are from the 18th century and are in an historic district… read more

Inventing an Accessible Electric Car


  Electricity was the first energy source to power automobiles in America, proceeding steam-power and gasoline. Even after the implementation of combustion engines, affinity for electric carriages remained high for several years as they were favored for their lack of noise and pollution.   So why the switch to fossil fuels? Convenience certainly comprises a large part of the equation, as car models with combustion engines began to cost less than their electrically-charged competitors, particularly around the time Ford began to mass produce them. Prices then varied from 500-1,000 USD for a car that ran on gasoline, compared to 1,000-plus… read more

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net Zero Design

Yin Yang House Provides A Near Net-Zero Design

Located in Venice, California, a team of designers, architects, contractors and solar setups turned a resident remodel into a family home and office combination that is a near record breaker on the efficiency scale. Called the Yin Yang House, it has enough green features to make sustainable design lovers drool. The massive renovation was assembled from fully reused or highly recycled content and local materials. Only ethically gathered woods were used in both indoor and exterior finishes, and there was also a focus on reduced chemical usage with all surfaces. Additionally, during the building process at least 80% of the… read more