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In Your Face Art

In Your Face Art

Sometimes artists can get very personal, reflecting a piece of themselves in such a way that is prolifically in your face. One such example is called the Buddhist Bug Project. From artist Anida Yoeu Ali, her living exhibition is a traveling narrative taking place throughout different landscapes. Her journey of self-exploration, religion and environment is displayed in a brightly colored and odd looking suit. Unexpectedly inching into the gazing eyes of onlookers, the suit represents her¬†background and upbringing but also an adult interest in Buddhism. She performed in Cambodia, taking her performance into both cities and rural areas. According to… read more

Religion vs Environment

Religion V Environment

The right to religious freedom, thought and belief is a fundamental right recognised by the United Nations through Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Nations also recognises the need for humans to preserve our natural environment, and refrain from activity that unnecessarily depletes natural resources. It becomes problematic when the two compete for precedence. In Swaziland we have many Christian denominations which hold just as many different beliefs. There are denominations that hold the belief that a valid baptism is one performed in a natural river, as opposed to water in a pool. There are… read more