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Getting Outdoors

Getting Outdoors

You don’t have to be an avid camper to appreciate the idea of escaping the tethers of modern day life – clocks and alarms, ringing, beeping and message alerts. Getting away from it all is something we all crave, especially when the weather outside is welcoming. These transportable homes made just for traveling bring up a case of wanderlust. For water adventures, this houseboat designed by Sascha Akkermann is a space that was created to provide all of the amenities of a land dwelling, just with changeable views. A stay in a studio houseboat like this one would certainly make… read more

The Beauty of Meditation


Meditation is a simple technique which facilitates the return to a child-like state of presence, inner peace and stability. In the Western world, where walking around stressed and anxious is completely normal and the resulting health problems are rampant, Meditation, the ancient and timeless practice of deep conscious relaxation, is gaining popularity like never before. Meditation v Medication While prescription medicines like anti-depressants can be of enormous relief to sufferers of stress-related disorders in the short term; they do not treat the source of the imbalances and are therefore impermanent. This is why many doctors say clinical depression is incurable,… read more