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This Plastic Polar Bear Teaches Kids About Energy Use

This Plastic Polar Bear Teaches Kids About Energy Use

In order to really bring about a new energy paradigm, it’s important to start with our children, as the habits and attitudes they learn while young often end up being those they still have when they’re grown up. Educating our children on the importance of smart and reduced energy consumption can go a long way toward the helping the next generation build a more sustainable world. And to help with that, Bobo, a plastic polar bear, can make the electrical demand in your house easier to understand, by displaying different colors at different levels of power consumption. “Bobo is saving… read more

Social Media Saving Energy

Sharing bills on Facebook

Social media has changed the lifestyle of humans recently. The way people share and communicate has changed a lot since dark blue (I mean Facebook) and light blue (I mean Twitter) invaded our lives. Integration of life with these media outlets has become tighter than yesteryears and as a result a company has rightly taken a smart and productive initiative which makes use of this generation “sharing” technology. Opower, a U.S based company has created a platform where people can track their electricity use and share this information with their friends. This app can be logged in directly with a… read more