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Tips For Saving Water At Home

Saving money

Saving water, electricity, and other means of energy consumption can be tricky, especially during the extreme seasons, such as winter and summer. The urge to overuse can oftentimes be overpowering, especially if you’ve got children in the house. We’ve come up with four different helpful tips and advice for you to save money and minimize your carbon footprint. Green Grass The University of Nebraska is currently developing a method of creating “green grass” that would require in between 40 and 75 percent less water than traditional grass. This means you’ll save money, have a nice looking yard, and perhaps won’t… read more

Keep Cool By Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool By Being Cool

When summer comes the warmer temperatures mean electricity bills shoot up as everyone turns on their air conditioners, cooling ducts, and other heat reducing equipment. This year make sure you tap into the newest & trendiest way to keep cool by installing a rooftop or terrace garden. The rooftop garden actually came about because many houses which were cramped up in the city had no way to access any natural light and greenery. The closest they could come to nature was the vista of trees & bushes from their windows. But the beauty and advantages of these artificial gardens forced the villa owners… read more

What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?

Energy use varies throughout the day causing fluctuations in rates. Energy consumption costs more at peak times where use spikes across the board. For example, in many areas from 4 to 8 on weekday evenings is typically when energy use it at its highest. So the electricity you use during a certain part of the day may actually cost you more during another time. Peak times vary for different areas and seasons. There are simple tricks to reduce energy use and save a little money, too. More than half of all energy expended is from housing. Things like using air… read more