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Carpet Gets Off The Floor

Carpet Gets Off The Floor

Old carpeting and remnants can account for a surprising amount of waste. Though most carpet does end up in the landfill, it can be recycled. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency statistics, in 2011 the amount of carpet that was recycled averaged 9%. The following designs are surprisingly made from old carpet, and are also examples of just what can be done with creative recycling endeavors. You would never think that this children’s bike was made entirely from residential nylon carpet. Called the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition 3 In 1 from Wishbone Design Studio, it is constructed from 100% post-consumer… read more

Give Recycled Cardboard A New Look

Give Recycled Cardboard And Paper A New Look

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), almost 30 million tons of cardboard was generated from businesses in the U.S. in 2012. Of this amount, 91% was recycled that same year. Paper Recycles reported that there was a drop in the amount of recycled corrugated cardboard in 2013, seeing only 88.5% recovered in the U.S. last year. The EPA stated that corrugated cardboard is among the easiest material to recycle. Steve Wintercroft of Wintercroft Masks has come up with a fun way to reuse cardboard. He has designed a collection of do it yourself, printable masks that are intended… read more

MotoArt: Hardcore And Stylish Recycling

MotoArt: Hardcore And Stylish Recycling

There are limitless concepts for turning the everyday item as well as the industrial into something new and still usable. With a unique niche in the recycling industry, MotoArt launched in 2001 and they now have showrooms around the world. Their team uses retired aircraft materials and parts, reconstructing them into edgy and functional designs. Taking old planes and salvaging the scraps, they are then rebuilt, reformed and revived. Most present day aircrafts are constructed of a high amount of aluminum, normally around 80% by weight for each commercially produced airframe, according to The Aluminum Association. With a high recyclability… read more

Cool Ways To Reuse Pizza Boxes For Educational Fun

Cool Ways To Reuse Pizza Boxes For Educational Fun

Back to school time often means hurried days and busy evenings, which can sometimes equal a dinner of one of the favorite go-to take out foods for hurried mealtimes – pizza. There are endless ideas for reusing pizza boxes. The following are a few for giving the pizza box a spotlight as the leftover that can be focused around educational activities for kids. A simple do it yourself pizza box solar oven is a fun weekend project to involve the whole family or to entertain sleepover guests. With just a few supplies and sunlight children can learn how the process of… read more

Back To School Cost Savers

Back to School

Every year across the world when campuses and classrooms start to fill up at the beginning of semesters, the costs for students and/or their parents mount up. And not just the financial cost, but the environmental cost of producing all those plastic items in immense. Here is a list of my top 5 eco-friendly solutions that will help your wallet and our world. Recycle What You Can The amount of paper students use every year is overwhelming.  There are notes, written papers, newspapers, graphs, instruction sheets and syllabi.  But, no matter how much of this paper we use, it will all end… read more

An Animal-Friendly Common Sense Solution

An Animal-Friendly Common Sense Solution

Once you learn about the environmental costs of not recycling, it seems like common sense to try and recycle what you can, when you can. One company has figured out a way to help a city wide problem while taking care of recycling the large amounts of plastic water bottles that are used. Istanbul, Turkey reportedly has a huge concentration of stray animals. In attempts to raise awareness to the approximately 150,000 strays that roam the streets of the densely populated city, a company called Pugedon came up with the idea of installing outdoor machines that will dispense pet food and water. In… read more

Paper Waste and What We Can Do About It

Paper waste

With the influx of heightened technology, long gone are the days where you have to constantly tote around a pen and pencil to jot down important details. Almost everything you could possibly need to write down can be done on a device, whether on your phone or mobile invention of choice. From calendars to reminder notes, you can just enter information to look at later. Not to mention the availability of online books, magazine subscriptions and virtual offices, most things that were once on paper are now additionally, or exclusively, online. Despite these technological conveniences, paper still remains a mass… read more

Is It Recyclable?


Of course recycling is a must, but sometimes it can be a time consuming venture. Drawers become stockpiled with cells, chargers and empty ink cartridges because we aren’t sure what to do with them. Things that don’t go into the regular recycling bin usually are put aside with good intention, but often get forgotten about in the daily bustle. Properly recycling used up or no longer wanted gadgets may take a bit more effort than just tossing them into a bin, but once you figure out what to do with them it can make the next time around easier. Check… read more

Save money by going green

Leafy Continents

The following are some great tips and advice on how you can save the planet, save your wallet, and feel great doing it. Most are simple, some are no-brainers, and a few may cost you a bit of upfront cash, but will save you in the long-run. Create a homemade compost bin This is a quick and easy project for personal use or to teach the kids how to be eco-conservative. Say NO to disposable bags Stop using the plastic bags you normally receive from the grocery store. Purchase a recyclable bag and carry it with you. Not only won’t… read more

Putting It In Perspective


Artists who put waste in perspective in a tactile way can really open our eyes. Trash is an unusual inspiration for art, but the following artists have used it as a medium to express a poignant message. Gregg Segal is a photographer and artist that literally captures our waste output, and it isn’t at all pretty. Taking snapshots of people lying picnic style in their refuse in a truth driven series called 7 Days of Garbage, Segal forces us to look at the reality of our lifestyles. From the artist: “7 Days of Garbage is a series of portraits of… read more