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Recycled Fashion Items

Recycled and Fabulous

Handmade products have a unique presence in fashion. Most handmade products have less of a carbon footprint and can be composed of recycled materials. Here are a few interesting handmade accessories designed from recycled materials. Over at Terracycle they use waste wrappers such as M&M’s, Lunchables, and Capri sun’s to make designer upcycled bags. They use a program called the Brigade that encourages schools to collect waste and send it in to earn money for school funds; individuals can also participate. Terracycle’s products are offered at most Targets and Wal-Mart’s. Another uprising trend is the swanky pull tab purses. At… read more

Recycling Lessons At Home

Recycling Lessons At Home

Fun family recycling projects can be done with many household items. While being creative you can also incorporate a lesson about the importance of reusing. Empty containers can be turned into a great array of objects. Kids can save milk jugs and plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes and turn them into birdfeeders. Adults can assist in cutting out an entryway with no sharp edges for feathery friends to enter. Kids can help insert or glue on a perch and decorate the bird home. Secure it to a favorite tree or post, fill with seed suited for native birds and… read more