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Battery Recycling


Batteries can be found in most homes, businesses and schools. While we need these little operators to power up our necessities and gadgets, they can pose a devastating effect on our environment as they contain toxic metal compounds. Recycling keeps them out of landfills and allows extracted metals to be reused. More services are becoming available to make recycling batteries easier as up to now it has been expensive and recycling centers have not been equipped to handle salvaging them. Earth911 provides an overview of various types of batteries. Alkaline manganese batteries are used to power many household items. These… read more

Encouraging Recycling


Do you know someone who doesn’t seem as keen about recycling as you are? Do you live or work with anyone who has a tendency to toss out rather than sort? From roommates to coworkers, even spouses, friends or family-not everyone may be on your eco-friendly plateau. So, how do you sway them without making them develop an aversion to you? There are simple things you can do to encourage recycling at home, work or school. The approach regarding recycling can be tricky, especially at a workplace that doesn’t do it. Being prepared to provide a quick outline of how… read more