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The Universal Bookshelf

Bookshelf ideas

If you could own only one piece of furniture in your home – bed and appliances aside – you would do well to make that piece a bookshelf. Much more than a personal library, bookshelves can be customized several times throughout their lifespan to cater to nearly any storage or entertainment needs. All it takes is a little addition and subtraction, of shelves, curtains, hooks, or even doors. One day you may need a trophy display case, with shelves well parted to meet the clearance of your winning souvenirs. Another day you may decide you’d fancy the bottom a liquor cabinet. No problem. Just… read more

Fund Reforestation Efforts with Your Recycled Ideas

Fund Reforestation Efforts with Your Recycled Ideas

For a great way to help fund a conservation charity, without spending a penny, consider contributing to the Recycling for Reforestation campaign from Fashion for Home. This home furnishings company is working to become more sustainable and environmentally aware by offering at least one range of furniture made from recycled wood, and now they’re partnering with the Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust (REACT) on a project that could not only help fund it, but will also build an online resource with recycled furniture ideas. The Recycling for Reforestation campaign asks people to send in their photos and stories about decorating… read more