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DIY Terrariums

DIY Terrariums

Terrariums are a fun way to bring some of the green indoors all year round, especially appreciated when the weather is cold and drab. When purchased from a plant nursery or storefront, terrariums may lean on the pricey side. With a few materials to get started, one can be made DIY style for a budget friendly version. Though they require some know-how regarding supplies and growing conditions, they do not demand extensive upkeep. Ferns, miniature palms, succulents and moss work well in terrariums. Plants will need a lot of indirect sunlight and attention to the moisture level is important. Terrariums… read more

Recycle, Revamp and Reuse

Recycle, Revamp and Reuse

Pretty much everyone has seen pieces of furniture or other unwanted items tossed out to the curb to be picked up and escorted to the landfill. Cleaning and periodically ridding your own space of unused things can be a needed renewal, but before you throw anything out you may want to think about giving it a second life. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that the amount of furniture that is tossed out annually in the U.S. alone is the equivalent of 3 million tons. In 2005, nearly 8.8 million tons of furniture relocated to U.S. landfills. The Environmental Resources Management claims that… read more

New Zealand Home With Modern Spaces And 3 Styles

New Zealand Home With Modern Spaces And 3 Styles

Deciding between apartment, house or studio living can be a dilemma. Mitchell & Stout Architects have found a way to incorporate them all – under one roof. This home in Auckland, New Zealand is a unique construction. It is an inclusive design that allows a variety of spaces and can accommodate various living set-ups for families, friends or even renters. It has 3 different buildings that consist of an apartment, main house and a spacious studio. The zones are set up to each be a private quarter and there are also warm, common areas in the home. The interior is an assortment of a somewhat… read more

Is It Recyclable?


Of course recycling is a must, but sometimes it can be a time consuming venture. Drawers become stockpiled with cells, chargers and empty ink cartridges because we aren’t sure what to do with them. Things that don’t go into the regular recycling bin usually are put aside with good intention, but often get forgotten about in the daily bustle. Properly recycling used up or no longer wanted gadgets may take a bit more effort than just tossing them into a bin, but once you figure out what to do with them it can make the next time around easier. Check… read more

Bottling It Up

recycling bottles

Currently, Finland generates the lowest packaged waste of all European countries. This could in part be due to the nation’s bottle law, which requires the use and return of refillable bottles. Beginning implementation in the mid 1970s, the law requires that all take-out drink and alcoholic beverages produced in Finland be packaged in returnable bottles. Consumers of these beverages pay a small deposit fee upon purchase, which is refunded once the bottles are returned. The packaging ordinance has resulted in Finland’s soft drink and beer manufacturers conforming to design parameters to ensure all bottles can be reused, and refillable plastic… read more

Mobius Loop – The Universal Symbol


The 3-arrowed universal recycling symbol is familiar to many, but its history may not be. Around the same time as the first scheduled Earth Day in April of 1970, a Chicago, Illinois company, then called the Container Corporation of America, held a contest to choose a winning symbol to represent paper recycling. The business, which was a paperboard operation, was the leading user of recycled papers during this time. Open to students in the design or art fields, over 500 submissions were received for the competition. The entries revolved around the theme Environment by Design and were reviewed at a conference… read more

Shopping Bag Art

Shopping Bag Art

Around this retail shopping crazy time of year the amount of packaging and bags multiplies drastically. Bags to many are an item that gets an instant toss into the recycling if they are no longer going to be used to carry things. However, some artists with the ability to see the commonplace as something completely different can turn an ordinary bag into an artform. Artist Yuken Teruya works with an assortment of everyday materials, like paper and shopping bags. His series made from the restaurant and retail spawned material is called Notice – Forest. Transforming bags into unbelievable dimensional pieces, he… read more

Eco-Conscious Christmas

Eco-conscious Christmas

There are many ways we can make a difference for our environment, especially at festive holiday times when so much extra is being prepared. Consider adopting some of the practices below to reduce waste in landfills and keep your holiday costs to a minimum. Cards Consider switching to emailed holiday cards to reduce your landfill waste.  If you would like to send printed paper cards consider a card which is made from 100% recycled paper.  If you must give your card to the person physically, consider making the card with previously used or recyclable paper. Trees Fake trees are reusable and… read more

Get Organized with Cereal Boxes


While often adding to the clutter of empty food containers in your recycle bin, cereal boxes can actually be used to detract from waste accumulation and even serve to keep your house organized. As implied with the directions above, making your own cereal box organizer is quite easy, indeed. You may even wrap it with old newspaper instead. But this is not the only way in which you can to style your organizer. Courtesy of Pinterest, below are examples of alternate styles that fit just as nicely into any office or workspace as they would into a child’s play area…. read more

4 Clever, Last-Minute Costumes for Halloween


With Halloween only a couple of days away, you may find yourself scrambling for costume ideas – and materials. Luckily, the web is a cesspool of ideas and, if you don’t want to draw directly from someone else’s ingenuity, is abundant with resources to make your own ideas achievable. The costumes below are not only crafty displays of the mind, but make good use of often disposed materials. Cereal Killer It is not a spoon that should make morning grains quake but you. This costume is best executed using mini-sized cereal boxes. Other boxes will work also, but you’ll want… read more