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Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

Innovative Architecture Amidst The Trees

Konrad Wójcik, an architecture student with WK Design, created a model of a unique home for a project. The goal was to develop a fully sustainable structure with a minimal imprint during the building process, and to maintain this after completion. Receiving the honor of a special mention, the conceptual idea for the tree line structure is a futuristic and highly interesting model. Called Primeval Symbiosis, the Single Pole House, they are built with wood and modeled after a naturally genius design – trees. The abstract development’s goal is to remain in balance with its surroundings, and floating along the… read more

Green And Modular – Fresh Take On Kitchen Space

Green And Modular – Fresh Take On Kitchen Space

Kitchens are one room where money can easily be spent. Nearly everything in a kitchen is expensive; appliances, flooring, countertops, even fixtures. Many of us make do with the kitchen space we have, and fix up things as the budget allows or repaint when we need a new outlook. A lot of time can be spent in the kitchen and it can easily become the place that is gravitated to. One company specializing in kitchen design is Demode. Offering a new outlook on the way a kitchen space can operate, their modern take called Meccanica is an open, modular area…. read more

Naturally Organized

Naturally Organized

Giving items a place to nest helps keep spaces in order. The following shelves are inspired by the natural design of trees and branches, and they are eye-catching ways to store household objects. These organizational designs can also be replicated with some do it yourself woodworking skill. The library tree branch from woodcraft designer Olivier Dollé is made from birch veneer and oak wood. With a focus on handmade woodworking designs as opposed to commercial productions, this arrangement can be installed in any room for a functional piece that pulls from the outdoors. Booktree by industrial designer Kostas Syrtariotis offers a… read more

New Green Packaging is 100% Recyclable and Carbon-Positive


If we’re going to get a handle on dealing with the huge amounts of plastics and other materials that make up product and materials packaging, we need some greener alternatives, and one UK company believes they have one of the solutions. The company, Polythene UK, is offering a bio-based product called Polyair, which they say is not only 100% recyclable, but is also “carbon positive”, and when included in films at just 60%, is capable of offsetting the CO2 emissions of the product, even after accounting for the energy consumed in shipping and manufacturing. In fact, the company’s managing director,… read more

100% Recyclable Sneakers

REKIXX and Reduce

Shark Tank is a television show that matches a panel of five potential investors who listen to pitches from budding American entrepreneurs. Gary Gagnon was one such entrepreneur who appeared last year and pitched his special sneaker. Previously named REMYXX, REKIXX aims to change an industry and the world. With more than 300 million pairs of shoes thrown away last year, in the U.S. alone, REKIXX is taking matters into their own feet. The sneakers properly named REKIXX are the only sneakers from laces to sole, that can go back into the recycling process for zero-landfill impact. REKIXX are unique sneakers that are 100% recyclable. REKIXX… read more

PUMA’s Sustainable Line

PUMA InCycle collection

Puma presents their newest concept of sustainable footwear, apparel and accessories for Spring/ Summer 2013. The product will be sold to help its consumers reduce waste and lessen their personal environmental footprints. PUMA will be launching a collection of shoes, apparel and accessories that are either biodegradable or recyclable. When consumers return the used goods to PUMA’s “Bring Me Back Program,” the work will be done for them. With the PUMA “InCycle” collection set to hit stores in Spring/ Summer 2013, PUMA will take the first step toward reducing the environmental footprint of its consumers’ disposal. By taking on the… read more

Steps for the World

Recycling shoes

Shoes are a necessity that may not be thought about that often, except when we are buying them. When you really think about shoes, how they are made or the amount of waste that comes with their wear in a dispensable-minded society, you might just find there is more to consider than style or size. A large number of shoes, especially the plastic variety, may be comprised of harmful toxins. One study showed that the shoes they sampled contained alarming chemicals regardless of the price range or where they were produced. Investigations like this one advocate for the consumer’s right to know… read more