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Raw Transformations


The health benefits associated with a balanced raw food diet are numerous and include a healthier weight and reduced fatigue. But aside from bright eyes and luminous skin, raw food diets have been shown to improve the well being in individuals with serious chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia and diabetes. The former, often defined by overactive nerves and constant, widespread pain, can be debilitating to those afflicted and currently has no cure. However, improvement has been found in cases with diet changes and daily exercise regimes. While each individual is sensitive to different foods, many people with fibromyalgia have felt… read more

Making Historical Buildings More Energy Efficient

Making Historical Buildings More Energy Efficient

Historical buildings that need restorations or energy updates have an added concern when trying to adhere to environmental considerations, since conserving the customary aspects of the space is also important. Preserving and operating antique sites can be costly, and renovating them can be even more so. However, as pointed out by South Carolina‚Äôs Preservation Society of Charleston, existing historic buildings are generally already green in nature, making them ideal for an efficiency overhaul. When compared to the financing and energy consumption required to replicate a new structure on the same scale, redesigning or performing energy audits to update problem areas… read more

Keeping Arts & Crafts Alive

Swaziland's arts and crafts

Arts and crafts constitute the most popular tourist attraction in Swaziland. Tourists from lands near and far are a regular sighting at the many market places shopping for Swazi culture inspired souvenirs to take back home after their holiday is done. The traditional arts community relies heavily on the natural environment to create their art pieces. Many of these art pieces are made from raw materials found in nature such as trees, clay soil, animal hide, different types of grass, and varying types of stone. Like all manufacturers and producers that rely heavily on nature for their products, the art… read more