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Mossy Music – This Radio Plays From Plant Power

Mossy Music - This Radio Plays From Plant Power

A team of researchers, biochemists and plant scientists from the University of Cambridge have created a prototype of a radio that can run on moss. Figuring out how to power up an FM radio with a network of plants, the process works via what they refer to as Biophotovoltaics, which is a budding biophilic technology where electrons and protons that are generated by plants in photosynthesis are collected and converted into electrical currents. The Moss FM radio contains 10 photo microbial fuel cells. Wanting to try out a way to power up a home device, but worried about the environment… read more

Have You Heard The IKoNO?


IKoNO is a beautiful wooden radio inspired by the old fashion ones. Designed by Singgih S. Kartono, owner of Magno-Design, this eco-design has everything the old classics have: round knobs, a speaker grill, a handle, telescopic antenna and the battery case, all within the basic ‘box’ shape. With the aim of creating a product that will bring back memories of old radios while helping building a close relationship with the user, Kartono created this surprising cute object that sits in border between retro and modern. Basic and simple, the radio is made from sustainable harvested wood. The light color is… read more