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Working Better Outdoors


We are not merely surrounded by nature, but enclosed within it, even if a seamless existence is obstructed by the erection of pillars and walls. That isn’t to say that self-confinement indoors isn’t suffocating. Nor, on the other end, does it imply pure living is exclusive to residing in a stony dwelling left agape to the wilderness. However, there exists a faulted notion that nature is a mere adjunct to a life in the built environment; as though the two are separate, mutually-exclusive worlds. The latter a foggy, safe recluse; offering a comfortable if claustrophobic existence, that is all too… read more

Doing Less-With-More…

Global cooperation

A common green perspective is that solving sustainability problems is a matter of increasing levels of global cooperation and economic efficiency.  Thomas Princen – Associate Professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment – suggests that today’s world is characterized by increasing levels of cooperation and efficiency, often in the name of sustainability. Global forestry organisations are impelled to extract more fiber per hectare of forest; and the world’s water managers are compelled to draft new water management agreements. Yet deforestation proceeds unabated, and freshwater availability continues to dwindle. Could it be, Princen asks, “that the… read more