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Designers Create New Inventions For Braille Users

Designers Create New Inventions For Braille Users

Braille is a printed communication system used by blind and visually impaired individuals. Shubham Banerjee has created a Braille printer that has gained worldwide attention for its ingenuity and real world application. Impressively, the printer is made from repurposed Lego pieces. Titled Braigo, the system is made from the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit, which costs about $350. Banerjee stated that the retail price for a standard Braille printer can be upwards of $2,000. With such a decreased price, Banerjee’s invention could enable more Braille users to be able to print materials. What is even more impressive than his resourceful device is the fact… read more

3D Printing at Home

3D Printing

We’ve written about 3-D printers that can create a house in hours and days, though we haven’t written about 3-D printers for home use. While still in the infant stages, 3-D printing is quickly becoming a trend in the United States and around the globe. Since these devices are so versatile, just about anybody can start using them with little to no experience or training. You simply connect the printer to your computer download a few programs, insert the construction materials, and have at it. Even some middle and high schools have begun using 3-D printers in their science classes… read more

Affordable 3D Printing

Form-1 Printer

We’ve written several times about 3D printing because, well, it’s one of the coolest and most innovative new industries of the decade. From giant 3D printed houses, to the many different uses for these devices, 3D printing is a pretty big deal. Not only are the materials used in 3D printers cheap, but the printers themselves are essentially home-based factories, making you an eco-friendly force to be reckoned with. Save gas by skipping out on a trip to the mall and simply build your own products yourself. Today, we’ll share with you some of the most affordable printers on the market,… read more

Unprint It Please

Laser unprinter research

We have all heard of laser printers and most of us have used laser printers, but not an unprinter. A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge in England have created a laser unprinter that can remove ink without damaging the paper. Both methods use lasers, but the “unprinting” methods are very different. Laser printers use a laser to give individual “pixels” on a piece of paper a positive charge. The laser unprinter works by tracing the outline of the toner and then flash-frying it off using the device’s laser. The trick is vaporizing the toner without damaging the… read more