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Funding Wastefulness

Cleaning up waste

Statistics on annual waste, from everything regarding paper to energy, can be found for nearly every inefficient venture. The amount of discarded items left to be dealt with each year is contemptible, and the U.S. alone is responsible for tons of it. In the aftermath of the recent Presidential debates, seeing the signage littered all over lawns and roadways finally being removed was just another reminder of this disposable attitude. Calculations were that last year’s exhilarating election cost somewhere in the several billions, with each upcoming year undoubtedly destined to outspend the last. It is wasteful. In addition, it has been… read more

Silence Broken on Climate

Climate change

The last debate was a long shot to hear anything about climate change, but there were certain topics which would have allowed either candidate to at least bring the issue to the forefront. However, no such thing occurred, and for the first time in nearly 25 years, climate change has not been brought up in a presidential debate cycle. The third-party candidates have been discussing climate change though, but there has been little coverage of third-parties, unfortunately. Despite climate change not being directly addressed in the debates, there are clues to how either candidate would act on climate change and… read more