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Let’s Wrap It Up

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

Newspaper: Using old newspapers for wrapping gifts is one of my favorite options. Take use of the colorful section from the newspaper and use it for wrapping. As the colorful parts are glossy, it would be a perfect eco-friendly option for wrapping gifts. Those pages are also brighter and more festive. Fabric: Take use of recycled or recyclable fabric for wrapping. You can easily design your options and wrap your gifts with ease. This art of wrapping gifts is one of the greener methods, because the fabric may be reused multiple times. Old Magazines: Choose only the old magazines that… read more

Wrapped With Love

Natural gift wrapping

As the breath of spring begins to  intoxicate the air, so ,too, does fertility chime from flowering trees and the newly sung lives of hatchlings. With the birth of nature flourishing under the lingering sun, the stage is appropriately set for Mother’s Day, a celebration not only of motherhood, but of life itself – perhaps the ultimate creative expression known to humans. In preparation for this day, we search for subtle ways to make our mothers feel special, and the tokens of our appreciation memorable. Often, this may be done through thoughtful presentation. But choosing quality materials needn’t entail wrapping… read more

12 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Eco Gift Guide 2013

Want to show a little appreciation on Mother’s Day with a gift she will love? Presents with the added bonus of being ecologically mindful are especially thoughtful. Consider the following ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that carry a meaningful message. 1. Sustainable Jewelry Handcrafted jewelry is always a nice touch, and pieces that are sustainably made will be even more appreciated. Acorn and Archer has eye-catching selections made from salvaged woods and recycled resources. For mixed metal and silver designs, alice roche jewelry features polished products made with reclaimed materials. 2. Handbags and Purses Moms need bags for all of the things they have to carry around. REVEAL… read more

Useful Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts

You don’t always have to do the retail-run-around to find the perfect gift. If you are leaning toward making your own presents forget unacknowledged crafts or misshapen knitted fare. Give a homemade gift that will be valued. Because of their functionality, these four handmade ideas will actually be used, too. Item Covers Book covers are not only for books. All types of covers can be made for various items. Technological gadgetry, work or home supplies or anything that can be fitted, can benefit from a protective cover. From the easier new sew variety to more complicated craft techniques, coverings can be… read more