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Short Term Thinking?Part 1


The availability of jobs in states where oil is booming is luring many high school graduates into the industry instead of pursuing a 4-year degree at a college or university, or even a 2-year degree at a technical school. It is understandable why high school graduates are taking the jobs while they can: nationwide unemployment among young adults is at more than 12 percent, college tuition is soaring (due to a multitude of reasons), and jobs in the oil and gas drilling industry can start at $50,000 a year. Instead of spending an extraordinary amount pursuing higher education and a… read more

Conscious Gift Giving

Conscious Gift Giving

You may give several gifts throughout the year, and when you purchase an item you want to be sure and pick out something amazing that will be liked. When buying a great present you can also make more mindful choices in selecting it. Think beyond retail outlets and look for ways to find unique items. Different options for places to buy presents include local shops or groups that offer hand crafted or homemade goods. Also, many non-profit and research organizations offer seasonal and year round merchandise and greeting cards that benefit charities or communities. Donating time in someone’s name to a… read more