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Solar Powered Plug That Sticks To Your Window

Photograph of Korean-designed 'Window Socket'

This is new. A solar-powered plug from Korea  that sticks to your window and absorbs sunlight for use later. Brilliant. Unfortunately, it’s only available to European markets due to the style of the plug, but a version for the U.S. is on its way. The Window Socket is the brainchild of Korean designers Kyuho Song and Boa Oh. It’s not too powerful–yet–but it can definitely get you through the day. Just like all other solar devices, the Window Socket absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity you can use to power small electronics, charge your phone/tablet, plug in a reading… read more

Power Saving Socket

Yanko Design's spring-loaded socket

Many people get warned against keeping electronic devices plugged into the power socket all the time even when they are switched off. Some care about it and unplug the device, while others leave them plugged and unbothered. The latter would not have heard the term vampire power or Standby power which refers to the power wasted by electrical and electronic devices even when they are switched off or in standby mode just by being plugged in. Even this low power matters a lot as this 100% useless power will add up cumulatively on your electricity bill. But let’s be honest,… read more