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Heavy Duty Varatojo House Owns The Hilltop

Heavy Duty Varatojo House Owns The Hilltop

From Atelier Data, this inventive hilltop home is situated in Portugal. Complete with curious entryways, pool, suspended fireplace, wine cellar and a cohesive attentiveness to natural elements, the Spiral House, also referred to as the Varatojo House, is an exciting and unusually composed build. With consideration of the topography and weather systems in balance with sustainable design, the developers blended lifestyle in unison with ecological responsibilities and regard for the land. The designers took advantage of its plot layout and considered ways that the sun and wind exposure would affect the home. The positioning of the frame takes advantage of the northern winds… read more

Impermeable Cork Umbrellas

Cork Umbrellas by Pelcor

Cork is the processed bark of Quercus suber (the Cork Oak), a tree that enjoys growing widely in Portuguese landscapes. To get the raw material there is not need to cut down the tree it will soon generate new bark layers regenerating itself with time. Quercus suber is originally from southwest Europe and northwest Africa and as a material, cork is more commonly used for wine stoppers, although their plastic copies are increasingly replacing them. Cork’s bubble-form structure and natural fire resistance make it suitable for thermal insulation in house walls, floors, ceilings and facades. A very versatile material with many… read more

Eco friendly wine

Green wine

Green wine doesn’t exactly sound very palatable to the average oenophile; however its popularity has grown rapidly around the world. There are many types of ‘Green Wine’ and unless you live in Portugal and are au fait with Vinho Verde (literally green wine) which translates as “young wine” with slight pétillance, ‘green wine’ means that it is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. There are organic wines, biodynamic wines and organically grown grapes. All labelled under the umbrella of ‘green’, yet their meanings are very different. Biodynamic wineries are fast taking a strong hold on viticulture (the science, production and… read more