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More Reasons Its Ok To Love Chocolate

More Reasons Its Ok To Love Chocolate

There have been numerous research studies conducted revolving around the health benefits of chocolate. And many of them have pointed to some pretty good reasons to occasionally indulge in the go-to favorite of many. A few years ago, results from research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that a group of surveyed chocolate eaters who reported that they consumed more levels of chocolate had on average a lower body mass index. Another study concluded that dark chocolate rich in polyphenol can actually enhance sensitivity to insulin and may offset some of the issues that stem from fats in… read more

Natural Popcorn

Natural popcorn

Popcorn is loved around the world. Traces of corn, as old as 80,000 years, have been found in Mexico City from fossilized pollen. Popcorn ears have also been found in New Mexico that are around 5,600 years past their expiration date, and 1,000 year old popcorn kernels have been uncovered in Peru as well as Southwest Utah. No wonder it has stayed around, as it is a portable, healthy treat. Popcorn is high in fiber. The hulls are also loaded with antioxidant rich polyphenols, which aid in warding off coronary artery disease and keeps blood sugar at optimal levels. Popcorn… read more