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School’s Insecticide Contamination Proves Fatal


The Mid-Day Meal Scheme in India is the largest school-based feeding program in the world, serving 20 million children every day.  It was originally introduced in 1925 as a means to provide free meals to poor and disadvantaged children, with meals that provide a range of 450-700 energy calories and 12-20 grams of protein. Despite alleviating hunger (though malnutrition certainly remains a problem in India), the program suffers from poor hygiene, and has been caught in multiple scams. Recently, the program’s lack of sanitation resulted in the death of 23 students, who became ill after ingesting cooking oil contaminated with… read more

Dinnerware Cautions

Dinnerware Cautions

Toxins like cadmium and lead can be found on the surfaces of certain dishes, from the paints or glazes used to decorate them. Lead builds up in the body over time and if contaminated dishes are repeatedly used for food use they can pose a health hazard. Acidic foods and heat sources like microwaving can cause toxins to leach out of dinnerware and into food and drinks. Risks like lead poisoning can occur when foods are contaminated by dishes and poisons are absorbed into the bloodstream. When shopping for dishes pay special attention to the way they are made and… read more