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Save money by going green

Leafy Continents

The following are some great tips and advice on how you can save the planet, save your wallet, and feel great doing it. Most are simple, some are no-brainers, and a few may cost you a bit of upfront cash, but will save you in the long-run. Create a homemade compost bin This is a quick and easy project for personal use or to teach the kids how to be eco-conservative. Say NO to disposable bags Stop using the plastic bags you normally receive from the grocery store. Purchase a recyclable bag and carry it with you. Not only won’t… read more

Creative Ways To Reuse Tote Bags

Creative Ways To Reuse Tote Bags

In attempts to alleviate using plastic bags, reusable tote bags can pile up. Whether from trips to the market or handed out at free events, if you have a pile of them laying around consider the following clever craft ideas to give them a new use. Tote bags can make perfect throw pillows. By inserting a pillow or batting inside, cutting off the straps and sewing the top together a new pillow is born. For a no-sew design place fabric glue just inside the opening. Tote bags can also be turned into many other types of bags. A zipper, snap… read more

Recycled Fashion Items

Recycled and Fabulous

Handmade products have a unique presence in fashion. Most handmade products have less of a carbon footprint and can be composed of recycled materials. Here are a few interesting handmade accessories designed from recycled materials. Over at Terracycle they use waste wrappers such as M&M’s, Lunchables, and Capri sun’s to make designer upcycled bags. They use a program called the Brigade that encourages schools to collect waste and send it in to earn money for school funds; individuals can also participate. Terracycle’s products are offered at most Targets and Wal-Mart’s. Another uprising trend is the swanky pull tab purses. At… read more

How Plastic Bags Are Made


They sit around in our homes, they carry our stuff to the car from the grocery, and they fly through the breeze in our landfills. Plastic bags are just about everywhere, but have you ever wondered how they’re made? This short video will show you the process from beginning to end, and hopefully provide you a few minutes of enlightenment.

Perpetuating Plastic Bags

Perpetuating PLastic Bags

Plastic is the bane of Mother Nature. It won’t break down for hundreds of years and until we eradicate it completely it is best to make many uses for it rather than dispose of it after one go. Here are some examples of how to re-use plastic bags, ziplock bags and cling film. Spice Shaker In a washed out ziplock bag, place all the spices and herbs for your perfect marinade, tagine or curry. Add the meat and shake about until ingredients covers it. Place in fridge to marinate or use straight away. Ice Pack In plastic bag or Ziplock… read more

Greener Trash Bags

Greener Trash Bags

We sometimes have to buy merchandise that we probably would rather not, due to the price or its environmental hazard factor. One item that usually fails in both categories is trash bags. This is one example of something most would rather not spend money on. In addition to negative environmental effects, they are normally expensive for an object that is just going to be thrown out. Some varieties also may be thin and inferior, so they have to be doubled up on which adds to the waste. Even though the evils of the made from plastic bag have been preached for some time,… read more

The Shopping Bag Bra!

It's Still Crazy Being Green

In an effort to save money and attract clientele with an environmentally friendly stance, a London nightclub has taken sustainability to the next level. It’s a fascinating concept that produces 60% of the electricity the nightclub needs. They have floors that consist of springs which, when compressed by dancers, produce electrical currents which are stored in batteries. Even on a small scale, innovation for sustainable products continues to inspire. A Canadian has invented a sink called the Zen Garden Sink. It is designed to use the wasted water from hand washing to water a plant that lives in the sink. There is… read more

Could You Live Without Plastic Bags?

Plastic Bags Piling Up

What started as a friendly contest between two Colorado cities has now become a documentary on the hazards of using plastic bags. In October last year, I attended a film screening at Oregon State University.  All in attendance learned something new that day and left a little more aware of why not to use plastic bags. The film screening was for “Bag-It: The Movie”.  It follows an average Colorado man named Jeb Berrier, who makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags.  This decision leads Berrier to start being more conscientious of plastic bag consumption, how the bags are made,… read more

Make a Rug Out of Recycled Materials

Felt Chevron Rug from Ready Made

Tons of functional designs can be made from recycled and surplus supplies. Rugs are one example of useful items that can be made from resources that are already on hand, or readily available ones that can be saved up for a project. Plastic bags make sturdy, lasting rugs that are perfect for outdoor weather. Their colors can be incorporated into patterns and assembled into any size. Also, their constant free supply makes them an ideal material. Homestead Weaving Studio makes “bag-in-a-tree rugs” which were inspired by driving through rural Indiana and Southern Illinois in the U.S. and observing the many… read more

Plastic Bag Solutions

Recycling plastic bags

Plastic bags, as horrible for the environment as they are, seem to still be everywhere. Many grocery and retail stores continue to use them, and even though they may get recycled once you bring them home they can also seem to multiply around the house. Efforts to keep them from ending up as part of the landscape are key, but if you have a hand for crafting there are also plentiful cool projects to do with surplus plastic bags. CraftingaGreenWorld has 10 splendid plastic bag conversions. Unexpected things like placemats, beads and even crinkle toys can be created using plastic… read more