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Peugeot Unveils Gas-Air Hybrid

Peugeot HybridAir

A new type of hybrid was revealed by Peugeot at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show that is said to be able to achieve 80 miles per gallon. Instead of combining a gas engine with a battery and electric motor system for this hybrid, Peugeot engineers have integrated a compressed air system that can capture some of the kinetic energy when braking and use it to help power the vehicle. The system is called HybridAir, and because it doesn’t require a costly battery and electric drive unit, could end up seeing wider adoption than previous hybrids, simply due to a lower… read more

Air-Powered Hybrid Car

Compressed air hybrid Peugeot

The concept of an air-powered hybrid car has long been a dream of ecological idealists, though, unfortunately, has never been a practical application in real life. However, GM partner Peugeot, famous for their Peugeot Citroen line of luxury cars, may have a game-changer on their hands with their concept of a compression hybrid vehicle. The car would effectively put out a combined 117 mpg, with its compressed air/combustion engine combination. For city-drivers, you may never have to fill up your car again, as the Peugeot’s compression engine is the primary power supply for speeds 0-43mph. Once you start driving faster than… read more