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Natural Pest Control


Gardens are a lot of work, and anyone who has ever had one knows that an increased effort is involved when aiming for an organic one. Instead of relying on insecticides to rid your garden of infestations, it is essential to consider a few ways to incorporate natural pest control into your garden before you start to plant. Give some thought beforehand of natural ways to control pests. Don’t fall prey to the misconception that if you just spray a little homemade repellant here and there, weed and water, things will just naturally grow pest free. Don’t fail to consider native insects,… read more

New Insect Diet That May Reduce Pesticide Use

New Insect Diet That May Reduce Pesticide Use

Agriculture may have a new best friend. And a seemingly unlikely one – insects. Resorting to dousing fields with pesticides to control infestations may soon be a thing of the past. Researchers have been working to find a way to wean off of chemical crop control by integrating more natural means to kill pests that are harmful to harvest yields. And it sounds like they may have found an alternative. By introducing a man-made diet to specific insect populations, they are able to facilitate the eaters to mass produce in huge numbers. Then they can be released into fields where they feed… read more

The Snake Charmer

black-mamba snake

Swaziland is home to many different species of wild land animals. One such species is the black mamba snake. This is one of the most fascinating snakes in the world, boasting venom potent enough to kill an adult person in less than an hour. The attitude towards snakes in Swaziland has been that if you should come across a snake, do whatever you can to get it killed. Fortunately, a lady by the name of Thea Litchka-Koen is changing perceptions and saving snakes, in particular the black mamba, from systemic annihilation. Snakes have been vilified from time immemorial, religion has… read more

Garlic For Good Health

Garlic For Good Health

In addition to cooking, garlic has been used throughout history in the home and for medicinal purposes. Garlic cloves can be purchased from the market, or you can grow your own garlic fairly easily with proper soil and moisture conditions. It can be grown inside or outdoors, though gardening experts say not to plant garlic in the same area outside for two years in a row or it may promote plants to have disease issues. Garlic has many practical uses around the house and garden. It can be used instead of chemicals to keep away outdoor insects or ones residing in… read more

The Sustainable Garden

Chives, Jennifer Copley

Here are five tips for those who care about the environment and would like to develop their gardens with sustainability in mind. 1. Compost: Instead of throwing away food scraps and plant trimmings and buying plastic bags filled with compost, make your own. There are a number of methods, the simplest of which is to bury kitchen scraps, leaves, and trimmings from healthy plants in the garden and let the process occur naturally. You can also use a compost bin or tumbler, a worm composting system, or a bokashi composting system to speed up the process. Don’t add meat, dairy… read more