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Textiles And Reused Rags Are Rich Traditions

Textiles And Reused Rags Are Rich Traditions

Reusing and recycling can take on many forms, and it isn’t always a choice. Sometimes it is a necessity. Resourceful designs and techniques can be found cross culturally, and some have gone beyond mastering the process of creative frugality. Textiles and fabrics provide an example of how scrap materials can be formed into useful and needed items. Peru is known for its┬álong history of world renowned textile production. Crafting blankets and protective clothing for their families by spinning organic fibers, they evolved the weaving process and references to their methods can be seen in many different designs. Known for their… read more

Billboard Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

UTEP Potable Water Generator

Advertising is something we love to hate, but sometimes there’s an ad campaign that is so brilliant that you have to stop and take notice. Like this one, which can pull drinking water out of the air. A billboard in Lima, Peru, is harvesting water from the humidity in the air and filtering it, providing as much as 26 gallons each day. That may not seem like that much, considering the amount of water that most of us use every day, but in a city that only receives about 2 inches of rain per year, it’s pretty significant. While it… read more