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Make Your Own Natural Fragrance


More than a pleasant stimulant for the nasal cavities, what permeates from natural perfumes is a superior quality that surpasses the novel romanticism of  a more glamorous era. Certainly, scents are the strongest provocateurs of memories. But they can be better used to define your present self. Rather than clinging to pungent residues in search of a past comfort, let your fragrance carry you forward, allowing that scent to herald loud your arrival before you’ve even stepped foot into a room as its lightly wafting bouquet proceeds you. Natural scents are additionally desirable due to their accessibility, which allows you… read more

Make Your Own Solid Perfume

Make Your Own Solid Perfume

If you don’t like strong scented sprays but still want a hint of fragrance, try a solid perfume. These can be customized with favorite scents and all natural ingredients. Placed in a locket or other sealable container, they make resourceful gifts. Just be sure to make extra for yourself. Perfume sprays can contain chemicals and harmful ingredients that you don’t want on skin. Solid perfumes scent the skin without irritating sprays that aren’t so air friendly. Plus, homemade perfumes in a solid form are fairly simple to make. There are many recipes available, but most call for using beeswax. Be… read more