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Power Your Home by Pedalling Your Bike


With as little as three essential objects, in addition to yourself,  you can put your strength to good use powering your home and its various contents with your own bike generator. These crucial ingredients include a bike, a motor (a stepper motor, permanent magnet motor, or automobile alternator), and a battery pack. When constructing your own bicycle generator, it is better to use a real bicycle, preferably a road bike, rather than an exercise or stationary bike. Though you will need a stand or bike trainer to keep the bike in a stationary position. Bikes with gears allow people of… read more

Pedal-Powered Energy for Everyday Power Needs


In our quest for more sustainable power options, there have been quite a few recent high-tech innovations that harness the power of the sun, the wind, and even waves, but for an incredibly efficient method of providing human-scale energy, it might just be time to look backward a bit. The humble bicycle is one of the most efficient machines ever invented, with an efficiency rate of about 97%, which pretty much blows the other options out of the water, at least on a small scale. And now a couple of guys want to bring pedal power to the masses –… read more