Pint-Sized PCs

Pint Sized PCs

The CuBox Pro Open-Source computer, the latest in a growing line of small, energy-efficient, linux-powered computers, has recently become available for consumers to purchase. The CuBox is a tiny 2 cubic inches, and is one of the smallest “desktop” PC’s available on the market. The Linux operating system is also well-known to be an energy-efficient alternative to Windows and Mac OS. Along with its miniscule design, the CuBox also uses only 3 watts of energy. Even though it may have a small power output, the computer is great for a wide range of application-heavy projects. The specifications include an 800MHz dual… read more

Tablet vs Computer

A tech debate for the ages.

There are many great arguments supporting the purchase of a tablet to cover all your computing needs. Likewise, one could be convinced that owning a PC is the be-all-and-end-all of technological devices. Nonetheless, as a tech enthusiast and owner of multiple gadgets, I would like to go into further detail the importance of utilizing both. First off, we will analyze the Pros and Cons of these machines. Tablet Pros: Portable Lightweight Long battery life Touchscreen Apps Front & Rear camera Multitasking machine Fast HDMI (most new tablets) USB Hub Tablet Cons: Smaller screen Limited computing ability Easier to break (i.e…. read more