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How to Host a Green Dinner Party

Go Green At Dinner

Putting on a dinner party can be a big event. Even if there are only a few people on the invitation list it can take a lot of planning to produce it. From the decorations to the menu, it can be done with an environmental focus. With a little conscious preparation you can throw a party where your appreciation for guests and sustainably are evident in the details. Usually for a dinner event the focus is on the food, but other ways to save economically and on your ecological output are by using digital invitations instead of traditional paper types,… read more

Decentralized Dance Party – Message or Menace?

Decentralized Dance Party

If you have heard of the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP), then you are probably not surprised that they have been in and out of the headlines lately. Their claim to social media and flash mob fame has been to drive a dance fueled party across North America, broadcasting playlists and dispatching a manifesto of global love. This ever growing group of individuals gathers sporadically in cities by the hundreds for a dancing demonstration of world peace and unity. The two organizers behind the DDP vision, Tom and Gary, seemingly have formed a party attitude into an interconnected movement. They have… read more