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Instant Public Parks from Human-Powered Mobile Gardens

Instant Public Parks from Human-Powered Mobile Gardens

Modular, mobile, and human-powered, Parkcycles can help reclaim little pieces of the city for public use. And when a group of them gather together, they can quickly create a much bigger public space, in the form of a Parkcycle Swarm. In an attempt to empower people to influence their local urban environments by building more people-friendly spaces that can change the way we think about city streets, N55 has built on their open source XYZ Spaceframe Vehicles and dared to give city inhabitants a “real and meaningful influence on the form and function of their city.” “The PARKCYCLE SWARM is… read more

Environmental Education

Learning outside the classroom

Environmental education (EE) provides opportunities for students to learn in natural environments. Instead of sitting in classrooms listening to teachers talk, children in EE programs participate in hands-on activities at local rivers, city parks, urban gardens, and other natural spaces. EE teachers use the features of natural environments to teach science, math, language arts, social studies, history, and other subjects. Instead of imparting facts in isolation, EE situates learning within the context of real-world places and issues to make it meaningful for students. Fresh air and exercise are added bonuses. Research summarized by the Place-Based Education Evaluation Cooperative has shown… read more