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Going paperless – give it a go!

Going paperless

“Save the trees and stop global warming” she cried We’re not really sure who “she” is, but someone has surely shouted that out at one point or another in their life, probably from a rooftop like in the movies. Paperless everything is here for good now. E-reader devices, document scanners, e-magazines, etc are the new magazine stand, bookstore-down-the-street, xerox-printer-in-every-office trend, and the movement is growing. You’re hopefully wondering how you might join this fad. The answer is quite simple; do your research and ditch old habits. Maybe you work for a company who prints out paper like it’s their job, and… read more

Evernote’s Balance Of Paper & Digital Notes


The idea of taking notes with a pen and paper is quickly becoming foreign with smartphones and tablets making that process easier (and cheaper!). However, for those who still prefer the tactile feeling of paper, Evernote has created a balanced solution to save you time and money, and hopefully reduce your paper waste. Check out their free app on your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 8 device. It’s likely that paper will always be around (at least for awhile),  but with the rise of E-ink tablets and readers, it’s difficult to predict one way or another just how effective those… read more

Shrink Your Footprint

Shrink Your Footprint

There is endless discussion in the media about the need to change our  existing habits in the developed world in order to lower carbon emissions and save the planet. Many of us feel powerless to effect real change, but there are small ways we can all make a difference. Work at home With modern networking devices and technologies such as VPN more of us are working from home, if not fulltime, then certainly as a partime  option during our working week. This not only saves time and energy in transportation, but also often allows families to achieve more quality time together. e-reading… read more

15 New Year’s Resolutions

2013 New Years Resolutions

We are just hours away from the new year so it’s time to make promises about how we’ll better ourselves in the year ahead. Some resolutions are small and others are a lifelong challenge. More New Year’s resolutions are broken than kept every year, especially if they are not whole hearted decisions. Going green is a great way to start off the new year. Choose a few specific ways to green your life in 2013. Below are 15 suggestions to get you started. 1. Stop using paper and plastic bags all together. Start carrying at least one reusable bag with… read more

Paperless Society

Paperless society

We live in a world where paper has formed such an integral part of our lives that it may be hard to imagine a world without paper. The use of paper is so commonplace that most people have never considered the all important question, “do we need so much paper in the world”? One imagines that an attempt to curb the use of paper, especially in our places of work, would have very slow and unsatisfactory results. The truth of the matter is that no civilised government would attempt to outlaw the use of paper. That would be a ludicrous… read more

Going Paperless

Going paperless

The paperless office has long been a pipe dream but in the digital era it’s not only possible, it’s easy. So now is the time to decrease clutter and more importantly the destruction of our forests by going paperless. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to paperlessness: Get rid of post-it-notes (or sticky’s). Use your calendar or note section of your phone or computer to record your notes and reminders. Reduce unnecessary postal mail. Place a “no junk mail” sign on your letterbox. Subscribe to newsletters online, rather than receiving them in the mail. Notify… read more