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Inexpensive But Creative Upcycled Designs

Inexpensive But Creative Upcycled Designs

Furniture and interior pieces do not have to be costly to be original. The following are imaginative designs that make the most of inexpensive materials, turning them into completely different objects. This idea is totally simple yet produces a brilliant outcome. The Inception Door from Armin Blasbichler Studio uses 585 mounted Pantone transparent positive photographic swatches to enhance a doorway. The diapositives are framed in laminated glass. When the sunlight filters through the door it creates a magnificent rainbow of colors that almost looks like stained glass tiles. Utilizing the myriad of color swatches in this way allows concealment while… read more

Color Inspiration For Fashion And Interiors

Morgan Fisher from bortolamigallery.com

The significance of color can be seen in research on mood and behavior. Everyone from color theorists to someone just wanting to change the look of a room in their home can relate to how colors can make you feel. We may navigate to colors in our surroundings to favorite ones in wardrobe choices. Colors can inspire and motivate, whether we realize it or not. The Pantone Matching System showcases a wide variety of colors that are used mostly in printing, but can also be applied to a range of arenas, including paints, plastics and fabrics. Their recent fashion color… read more